Saturday 25 February 2023

 N.B: I’m sorry to say I have regretfully had to cancel my table at Hugglets Winterbearfest, 2023, as my husband is undergoing treatment for kidney stones. He has recently had some hospital stays, and is due to have another procedure - and therefore is unfortunately not fit enough to travel, or take part with me at the moment. This was probably going to be my last ever participation in Hugglets, which is doubly sad. I will however still have bears for sale (please email at any time) and I will be creating Limited Editions for Teddy Bears of Witney for the forseeable future. 

I will miss seeing you there, Best Beary Regards, from Ruth X

Tuesday 24 November 2020

Cancellation of Hugglets 2021

 Very sadly, though not unexpectedly, the Feb 2021 Winter Bearfest at Kensington Town Hall has been cancelled. I will really miss seeing all the collectors, stall holders, and beautiful beary creations which have been such a huge part of my life, in participating for many years. As such the only place I can show any of my new and exclusive bears will be on my "New Available" page of this website - I will not be taking part in the replacement online show. Please do take a look at the bears I will be posting (with PayPal buttons for convenience) ongoing and may I thank Everybody; collectors and friends past and present, for all your enthusiasm and interest in my work  :0)  xxx